Psychology – Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia / Anorexia / Anthroposophical Medicine / Anxiety / Art Therapy / Phobia

Psychology – Agoraphobia

Symptoms: when you have an irrational fear or acute anxiety of open spaces.

Naturopathy: Increase intake of vitamin B complex, eat mostly raw foods and juices, vitamins C, E and zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Herbal Solutions: Drink (when necessary) a tea made from 4 sprigs of fresh lemon balm leaves infused in boiling hot water.

Aromatherapy: sprinkle a few drops of either of the following pure essential oils on your collar – Roman camomile, basil, marjoram.

Homeopathy: Aconitum for panic attacks and Arsenicum album for chronic anxiety.

Bach Remedies: Aspen for apprehension, Mimulus for specific fear, rock rose for panic, Larch for confidence loss, Cherry plum for a fear of losing control and pine when suffered tends to self-reproach.

Reflexology & Acupuncture: to restore calmness and relieve anxiety.

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Weight Loss through Successful Dieting!

The truth?

A diet in which you eat less but healthier foods and exercise more is the best kind.

Ask yourself why do you need to diet? What do you need to change about your diet and how nutritious a diet should it be? Are you eating for comfort or are your taste buds your greatest enemies? Do you punish yourself for weak moments and then give up a healthy plan?

Answer these questions truthfully to yourself before reading on if you want to successfully loose weight.

To loose weight and keep it off, your dieting mind needs to remember:

Eat less, more frequently and much slower. Chew slowly and count every bite's chewing if you have to. Stop after the decided amount and brush your teeth! A fresh mouth seldom craves as badly.

More frequent small meals are essential for a successful diet and weight loss as it keeps your metabolism healthy. Fibre are filling and keeps our sugar levels consistent while veggies, whole grains and fruits, legumes and ‘thin' meats are great food choices that will give energy the right way.

If you exercise and burn more than your intake, you WILL lose weight! When you reach your ultimate weight and want to simply sustain, you need to balance your burn-off with your intake. As simple as that!

Diets worst matches:

"Fast Diets" slow your metabolism down, making it impossible to keep weight off.

Fat can be via the healthiest foods and still add kerb your diet instead of loosing weight. Fat is the diet's worst enemy and appears in cheeses, mayonnaises, crisps, fried foods and pastries, meats and full-cream dairies.

Sugar and diets isn't a good match. When our insulin spikes too fast, it drops afterwards and that feeling is our enemy, for then you are tired and hungry. Tired and hungry often result in binging.

Laziness and idleness often makes us undisciplined. Stay fit, stay busy and stay focused!

Be realistic. Your diet is a mental shift and until your mind becomes your best weight loss buddy, you will find every step torturous.

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