Acupressure: Oriental healing system a.k.a Shiatsu massage with finger pressure to specific tension spots.

Acupuncture: Oriental healing therapy aiding with the flow of ch’i energy with help of inserted fine needles into, massaging and applying heat to certain points on the skin.

Anthroposophy: Founded by Rudolf Steiner, a dualistic spiritual science.

Aroma Therapy: Using essential oils from plants, flowers, trees and herbs for improved health, vitality and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.

Ashram: Similar to a monastery this community live with a guru spiritual teacher.

Astral Projection: Out-of-body experience during meditation or sleep when the ether body leaves the physical.

Astrology: A planetary science and belief of cosmic influences on human life.

Aura Balancing: A healer helps unblock energy flow by the passing of hands over the aura’s restricted areas – not touching the body physically.

Ayurveda: An old Indian healing life science based on the harmony of body, mind and universe.

Baubiologie: A study building environment and how it impacts upon health holistic interactions between life and living environment.

Bioenergetics: A body-mind therapy of Dr. Alexander Lowen using the body to heal the mind.

Biofeedback: Hooking up to a monitoring device that registers physiological responses and feeds information back, thus help the user to control bodily functions.

Biorhythms: Physical cycles of the physical, emotional and intellectual energy based on date of birth.

Body-Mind Rhythmic Movement TM: by Susan Kramer, this technique reconnects the body and mind using rhythmic movement.

Chakra Balancing: Clearing blockages in the flow of energy in chakras or psychic energy centres in the etheric body.

Channelers: ‘Hosts’ allowing spiritual entities to use their bodies and minds as a link to higher planes of consciousness for healing energy.

Chinese Tuina Therapy: A massage meridian lines, manipulating muscles to release.

Chiropractor: Treatment is primarily based on manipulation of the spinal column.

Clairvoyant: Person with extrasensory visions without physical eyes and beyond time and space.

Colonic Irrigation Therapy: The flushing with purified water into the colon.

Colour Therapy: A technique using colour vibrations to the body.

Course In Miracles, A: A technique to open awareness of the presence of love.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy: Dealing with physical rhythms through the head and bodily bone structure.

Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery: Positive thoughts creating reality.

Crystal Healing: The placement of crystals and gemstones for healing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Divination: Foretelling the future using skills of no ordinary senses.

Dowsing: Detecting underground water or spiritual matters through a divining rod, pendulum or other techniques.

Eckankar: When the soul travel to higher planes of divine consciousness of one’s soul.

Empath: Feeling others’ emotions.

Energy Healing/Balancing: Treating the physical energy field and improving mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual healing.

Feng Shui: Geomancy in China, is a positive arrangement of rooms, furniture and buildings to best impact on spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.

Firewalking: Walking over hot coals without the feet getting burned, often in a trance state.

Floatation Tank: Usually with neuromuscular therapy, the patient is immersed into a sensory deprivation tank containing skin-temperature water and Epsom salts.

Flower Essences: Extracts from flowering plants in homeopathic proportions is used for healing.

Fortean: Strange phenomena.

Geomancy: See feng-shui.

Gestalt Therapy: Humanistic therapy originated by Fritz Perls that centres on the reality of what is and each individual being responsible for his/her own actions; includes the interrelatedness of the object and the perceiver.

Hand Analyst/Counselor: Using a person’s hands (all of it) for analysing the individual’s emotions, character and life.

Handwriting Analyst: A person that studies individuals’ handwriting for personal information, including character and personality and other circumstances.

Herbalist/Herbologist: A healer working with plants and herbal formulas in a medicinal practice for the promotions of self-healing.

Holistic Healing: When healing is focused on the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Holotropic Breathwork ™: A non-chemical technique of self-exploration and healing using controlled breathing, evocative music, focused body work and mandala drawing to access all levels of human experience. Created by Stanislov and Christina Grof.

Homeopathy: A theory of “like cures like” where small quantities of natural substance encourage the body’s own self-healing.

Hoshino Therapy: A single type of acupressure for detection/treatment of biomechanical pain and dysfunction.

Humanistic Psychology: Invented by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and others, that emphasizes all of the individual’s feelings, intellect, physical and spiritual.

Huna: A very old Hawaiian religious structure of goal accomplishment and spiritual growth based on knowledge of consciousness and “mana,” the fundamental healing and energizing force.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: A state of mind where the conscious criticism is suppressed and healing ideas enter directly into the unconscious mind.

I Ching: Traditional Chinese prediction method that entails throwing three identical coins/objects six times and considering their fallen patterns to answer to personal enquiries.

Incense: A fine powder for burning made from pleasant aromatic herbs or wood.

Iridology: The study of the eye’s iris as a pinpointing tool to expose the individual’s health or disorders.

Kabbala (Qabala): Based on the interpretation of the Bible, this old Hebrew esoteric philosophy award symbolic explanations of the origin of the universe and link all things to their ultimate standards.

Kinesiology: Using the position, movement, and tension of body parts (such as nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints).

Kirlian Photography: A photographic course of 50,000 bolts or more, picking up radiation around objects and humans, not visible to the eye.

Luscher Color Test: A test that indicates personality type on the basis on the individual’s preference for 8 color choices.

Macrobiotics: Great Life theory where you live according to the natural order of the universe via great diet of seeds and nuts, whole grains, vegetables, beans, fish and sea vegetables.

Mandala: A creation of colours, lines and shapes for meditation to focus.

Medicine Wheel: a Native American sacred circle signifying the Creation and Universal balance. It is thrown to hold, project and elevate energy to change, balance and heal.

Meditation: A calming and healing technique of mind where the individual either focus on type such as breathing or as mental observer.

Mediums: Sensitive channelers connecting the living and spiritual worlds.

Mentastics Movement Re-Education: A dance-like method to perform stress-release.

Myofascial Release: Releasing the restrictive grip of the tight connective tissue, and the body’s soft tissue of pain by gentle pressure applications and stretching. .

Naturopathy: Using herbs, foods, air and sunshine to heal.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Curing phobias and other behaviours through analyzing.

Neuromuscular Therapy: A deep massage of pressure to specific areas to break the stress-tension-pain cycle.

Numerology: The meaning of qualitative letter values.

Palmistry: The reading of an individual’s past, present and future, health and nature, by looking at the hand’s lines, shape and texture.

Parapsychology: The study of telepathy, clairvoyance and extrasensory perception.

Past-Life Regression/Future Progression: Getting information from past/future lives.

Polarity Therapy: Holistic health aimed to remove energy blockages in the body and restore balance and harmony.

Psychic: An individual with extrasensory perception, clairvoyance or telepathy.

Rapid Eye Technology: A system of blinking, moving, and perception of the eyes to help mental, emotional, and physical change.

Reading, Aura: Psychic reading of the individual’s subtle energy field.

Reading, Shustah: Reading five suits of fourteen pages card-decks for future prediction.

Re-birthing/Integrative Breathing: A breathing technique to cleanse, clear and heal the body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology: A deep massage of the soles of the feet or the hands on areas connected to precise nerve endings to stimulate glands and organs for healing.

Reiki: A scientific healing technique where the practitioner’s hands are the medium for the Universal Life Energy to heal and balance.

Ro-Hun Therapy: Removing patterns of negative thinking and traumas from ones energy field and replacing them with positive life-enforcing energy.

Rune Casting: A prediction technique to tap into answers of subconscious.

Shamanism: Exercised by tribal “medicine men” or Shamanic priests for example Native Americans who heals through mediumship.

Shiatsu: An Oriental treatment of finger pressure to acupuncture points on the body for pain and tension relief.

Sound Therapy/Toning: when individual’s harmonious vibrations are altered by rhythmic sounds and tones.

Spiritual Consultant: A consultant who, for holistic health, uses one or more spiritual and/or psychological practice.

Spiritual Healing: Using spiritual energy to heal.

Structural Integration: The manipulation of fascia, muscles, and pro-prio-ceptors to encourage links, elasticity and balance.

Tai Chi Chuan: A non-aggressive Traditional Chinese martial art of meditative slow motion.

Tarot Cards: Deck of seventy-eight cards used in prediction.

Theosophy: A study of philosophy, comparative religion and science.

TMJ Therapy: The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in front of the ears at the jaw joint which is sometimes aggravated by dental work gets de-stressed

Trager Psychophysical Integration: A gentle therapy to de-stress and rid the subconscious mind of negative patters through rhythmical bodywork.

Transactional Analysis: A method to get in touch with internal parent/adult/child transactions that affect behaviour.

Transformational Therapy: Counselling techniques to encourage consciousness at the global plane.

Transpersonal Counselling: That integration of Eastern and Western psychology regarding the ego.

Vegan: A diet of no animal products of any kind.

Vision Questing: Fasting and praying practice, originating from the Native America regarding prophesy, protection and discovering your life’s purpose.

Yoga: Sanskrit for yoke or union. Eastern philosophical exercises using physical and breathing work.