Eating and Drinking for Health

Eating & Drinking for Health / The Required Daily Amounts of some Essential Nutrients / Organic Food / Yin Yang Health / Berries & Health / Tea & Health

Eating & Drinking for Health

Choose the foods that gives your body what it needs. It needs to grow and repair itself, provide you with energy, carry out important chemical processes and then some. Thus, the food that we consume is of vital importance and we should pay attention to our eating.

Our bodies need proteins, vitamins,minerals and fibre – obtained from foods. To get the most out of your mealtimes and foods keep to regular mealtimes, sit and eat slowly, chewing thoroughly for good digestion. Aim for interesting menus that has been thought about lovingly and an eat-space away from the television.

Super Health Foods are rich in nutrients in relation to the number of calories, are not processed, organically grown and are not ‘added to’. They are everyday foods like fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, spices and herbs, fish, olive oil and meat and readily available. Every continent and region has foods that in their rainbow aspect, are highly nutritious. These foods are tasty, flavour-enhancers and textured – a pleasure to the palate.

Foods for Energy
This food group include Carbohydrates in their natural and unrefined forms like oats, rice and barley, vegetables such as carrots, green leafy types and beetroot, fruits like figs and berries plus sweeteners such as honey that doesn’t require insulin during the metabolism of. Pulses like beans and peas are great too.

Foods for Growth and Repair, Hormones and Enzymes
Varying from children to adults, proteins should be eaten less of than carbohydrates and can usually be measure by the individual’s palm. A palm-sized cut of meat, fish, eggs etc. is adequate. Best protein options are fish, eggs, meat, milk, cheese and yoghurt, beans, peas, bread, oat/wheat breakfast cereals and nuts. Vegetarian winners: beans, peas, lentils and bread.

Foods and Nutrition
Minerals and Vitamins are required in small doses for efficient bodily function. The are best obtained from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs and meat, cereal foods and dairy products. Steaming is the preferred cooking method and start with washing and cooking preparation right before it goes on the stove. Vegetarian winners: yeast extract and milk for Vitamin B12 (appearing only in animal foods) or supplement-pill. Vegetables and fruit contain much of the vitamins and minerals but watch your Vitamin C intake as it makes iron-intake easier. Green vegetables and beans plus bread will spike calcium intake and wholegrains will provide zinc.

Foods and Fibre
Fibre doesn’t get absorbed by our bodies but are vital for absorbing toxins and pushing waste products through the system faster and cleaning the digestive tract in doing so. Unrefined foods such as beans, peas and pulses, bread, rice and other cereals, root and leafy vegetables, fruits and dried fruits are great fibre providers.

Foods & Combinations
Combine-able Foods are: Vegetables and animal foods, such as cheese (or beans) on wholegrain bread, lentil and bean stew on brown rice or fish & chips.

Foods and Fats
Your body needs a small amount of fat for the cell structure, insulation and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It is important to get the right fats into your body such as olive oil, oily fish like salmon, sunflower and grapeseeds. Avoid saturate-containing foods such as dairy products, hard margarines, eggs, peanuts and peanut butter, products containing coconut and palm oil.

Servings of a Balanced Diet
3 Servings a day of nuts, beans, peas, lentils, fish, meat or poultry.
1 Servings a day of yoghurt, milk or cheese.
4 Servings a day of barley, brown rice, muesli, bread or whole-wheat pasta.
4 Servings a day of fresh vegetables, fruit or salads.
3 Meals a day and a snack is enough.

Serving Sizes – roughly
Protein – the size of your palm
Liquids such as milk – glass
Carbohydrates – the size of one’s fist of cooked rice for instance
Fruit and vegetables – the size of one’s fist

Click here and see how you can grow your own vegetables.

Weight Loss through Successful Dieting!

The truth?

A diet in which you eat less but healthier foods and exercise more is the best kind.

Ask yourself why do you need to diet? What do you need to change about your diet and how nutritious a diet should it be? Are you eating for comfort or are your taste buds your greatest enemies? Do you punish yourself for weak moments and then give up a healthy plan?

Answer these questions truthfully to yourself before reading on if you want to successfully loose weight.

To loose weight and keep it off, your dieting mind needs to remember:

Eat less, more frequently and much slower. Chew slowly and count every bite's chewing if you have to. Stop after the decided amount and brush your teeth! A fresh mouth seldom craves as badly.

More frequent small meals are essential for a successful diet and weight loss as it keeps your metabolism healthy. Fibre are filling and keeps our sugar levels consistent while veggies, whole grains and fruits, legumes and ‘thin' meats are great food choices that will give energy the right way.

If you exercise and burn more than your intake, you WILL lose weight! When you reach your ultimate weight and want to simply sustain, you need to balance your burn-off with your intake. As simple as that!

Diets worst matches:

"Fast Diets" slow your metabolism down, making it impossible to keep weight off.

Fat can be via the healthiest foods and still add kerb your diet instead of loosing weight. Fat is the diet's worst enemy and appears in cheeses, mayonnaises, crisps, fried foods and pastries, meats and full-cream dairies.

Sugar and diets isn't a good match. When our insulin spikes too fast, it drops afterwards and that feeling is our enemy, for then you are tired and hungry. Tired and hungry often result in binging.

Laziness and idleness often makes us undisciplined. Stay fit, stay busy and stay focused!

Be realistic. Your diet is a mental shift and until your mind becomes your best weight loss buddy, you will find every step torturous.

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