Acupressure: Oriental healing system a.k.a Shiatsu massage with finger pressure to specific tension spots.

Acupuncture: Oriental healing therapy aiding with the flow of ch’i energy with help of inserted fine needles into, massaging and applying heat to certain points on the skin.

Anthroposophy: Founded by Rudolf Steiner, a dualistic spiritual science.

Aroma Therapy: Using essential oils from plants, flowers, trees and herbs for improved health, vitality and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.

Ashram: Similar to a monastery this community live with a guru spiritual teacher.

Astral Projection: Out-of-body experience during meditation or sleep when the ether body leaves the physical.

Astrology: A planetary science and belief of cosmic influences on human life.

Aura Balancing: A healer helps unblock energy flow by the passing of hands over the aura’s restricted areas – not touching the body physically.

Ayurveda: An old Indian healing life science based on the harmony of body, mind and universe.

Baubiologie: A study building environment and how it impacts upon health holistic interactions between life and living environment.

Bioenergetics: A body-mind therapy of Dr. Alexander Lowen using the body to heal the mind.

Biofeedback: Hooking up to a monitoring device that registers physiological responses and feeds information back, thus help the user to control bodily functions.

Biorhythms: Physical cycles of the physical, emotional and intellectual energy based on date of birth.

Body-Mind Rhythmic Movement TM: by Susan Kramer, this technique reconnects the body and mind using rhythmic movement.

Chakra Balancing: Clearing blockages in the flow of energy in chakras or psychic energy centres in the etheric body.

Channelers: ‘Hosts’ allowing spiritual entities to use their bodies and minds as a link to higher planes of consciousness for healing energy.

Chinese Tuina Therapy: A massage meridian lines, manipulating muscles to release.

Chiropractor: Treatment is primarily based on manipulation of the spinal column.

Clairvoyant: Person with extrasensory visions without physical eyes and beyond time and space.

Colonic Irrigation Therapy: The flushing with purified water into the colon.

Colour Therapy: A technique using colour vibrations to the body.

Course In Miracles, A: A technique to open awareness of the presence of love.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy: Dealing with physical rhythms through the head and bodily bone structure.

Creative Visualization/Guided Imagery: Positive thoughts creating reality.

Crystal Healing: The placement of crystals and gemstones for healing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Divination: Foretelling the future using skills of no ordinary senses.

Dowsing: Detecting underground water or spiritual matters through a divining rod, pendulum or other techniques.

Eckankar: When the soul travel to higher planes of divine consciousness of one’s soul.

Empath: Feeling others’ emotions.

Energy Healing/Balancing: Treating the physical energy field and improving mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual healing.

Feng Shui: Geomancy in China, is a positive arrangement of rooms, furniture and buildings to best impact on spiritual, psychological and physical well-being.

Firewalking: Walking over hot coals without the feet getting burned, often in a trance state.

Floatation Tank: Usually with neuromuscular therapy, the patient is immersed into a sensory deprivation tank containing skin-temperature water and Epsom salts.

Flower Essences: Extracts from flowering plants in homeopathic proportions is used for healing.

Fortean: Strange phenomena.

Geomancy: See feng-shui.

Gestalt Therapy: Humanistic therapy originated by Fritz Perls that centres on the reality of what is and each individual being responsible for his/her own actions; includes the interrelatedness of the object and the perceiver.

Hand Analyst/Counselor: Using a person’s hands (all of it) for analysing the individual’s emotions, character and life.

Handwriting Analyst: A person that studies individuals’ handwriting for personal information, including character and personality and other circumstances.

Herbalist/Herbologist: A healer working with plants and herbal formulas in a medicinal practice for the promotions of self-healing.

Holistic Healing: When healing is focused on the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Holotropic Breathwork ™: A non-chemical technique of self-exploration and healing using controlled breathing, evocative music, focused body work and mandala drawing to access all levels of human experience. Created by Stanislov and Christina Grof.

Homeopathy: A theory of “like cures like” where small quantities of natural substance encourage the body’s own self-healing.

Hoshino Therapy: A single type of acupressure for detection/treatment of biomechanical pain and dysfunction.

Humanistic Psychology: Invented by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and others, that emphasizes all of the individual’s feelings, intellect, physical and spiritual.

Huna: A very old Hawaiian religious structure of goal accomplishment and spiritual growth based on knowledge of consciousness and “mana,” the fundamental healing and energizing force.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: A state of mind where the conscious criticism is suppressed and healing ideas enter directly into the unconscious mind.

I Ching: Traditional Chinese prediction method that entails throwing three identical coins/objects six times and considering their fallen patterns to answer to personal enquiries.

Incense: A fine powder for burning made from pleasant aromatic herbs or wood.

Iridology: The study of the eye’s iris as a pinpointing tool to expose the individual’s health or disorders.

Kabbala (Qabala): Based on the interpretation of the Bible, this old Hebrew esoteric philosophy award symbolic explanations of the origin of the universe and link all things to their ultimate standards.

Kinesiology: Using the position, movement, and tension of body parts (such as nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints).

Kirlian Photography: A photographic course of 50,000 bolts or more, picking up radiation around objects and humans, not visible to the eye.

Luscher Color Test: A test that indicates personality type on the basis on the individual’s preference for 8 color choices.

Macrobiotics: Great Life theory where you live according to the natural order of the universe via great diet of seeds and nuts, whole grains, vegetables, beans, fish and sea vegetables.

Mandala: A creation of colours, lines and shapes for meditation to focus.

Medicine Wheel: a Native American sacred circle signifying the Creation and Universal balance. It is thrown to hold, project and elevate energy to change, balance and heal.

Meditation: A calming and healing technique of mind where the individual either focus on type such as breathing or as mental observer.

Mediums: Sensitive channelers connecting the living and spiritual worlds.

Mentastics Movement Re-Education: A dance-like method to perform stress-release.

Myofascial Release: Releasing the restrictive grip of the tight connective tissue, and the body’s soft tissue of pain by gentle pressure applications and stretching. .

Naturopathy: Using herbs, foods, air and sunshine to heal.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Curing phobias and other behaviours through analyzing.

Neuromuscular Therapy: A deep massage of pressure to specific areas to break the stress-tension-pain cycle.

Numerology: The meaning of qualitative letter values.

Palmistry: The reading of an individual’s past, present and future, health and nature, by looking at the hand’s lines, shape and texture.

Parapsychology: The study of telepathy, clairvoyance and extrasensory perception.

Past-Life Regression/Future Progression: Getting information from past/future lives.

Polarity Therapy: Holistic health aimed to remove energy blockages in the body and restore balance and harmony.

Psychic: An individual with extrasensory perception, clairvoyance or telepathy.

Rapid Eye Technology: A system of blinking, moving, and perception of the eyes to help mental, emotional, and physical change.

Reading, Aura: Psychic reading of the individual’s subtle energy field.

Reading, Shustah: Reading five suits of fourteen pages card-decks for future prediction.

Re-birthing/Integrative Breathing: A breathing technique to cleanse, clear and heal the body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology: A deep massage of the soles of the feet or the hands on areas connected to precise nerve endings to stimulate glands and organs for healing.

Reiki: A scientific healing technique where the practitioner’s hands are the medium for the Universal Life Energy to heal and balance.

Ro-Hun Therapy: Removing patterns of negative thinking and traumas from ones energy field and replacing them with positive life-enforcing energy.

Rune Casting: A prediction technique to tap into answers of subconscious.

Shamanism: Exercised by tribal “medicine men” or Shamanic priests for example Native Americans who heals through mediumship.

Shiatsu: An Oriental treatment of finger pressure to acupuncture points on the body for pain and tension relief.

Sound Therapy/Toning: when individual’s harmonious vibrations are altered by rhythmic sounds and tones.

Spiritual Consultant: A consultant who, for holistic health, uses one or more spiritual and/or psychological practice.

Spiritual Healing: Using spiritual energy to heal.

Structural Integration: The manipulation of fascia, muscles, and pro-prio-ceptors to encourage links, elasticity and balance.

Tai Chi Chuan: A non-aggressive Traditional Chinese martial art of meditative slow motion.

Tarot Cards: Deck of seventy-eight cards used in prediction.

Theosophy: A study of philosophy, comparative religion and science.

TMJ Therapy: The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in front of the ears at the jaw joint which is sometimes aggravated by dental work gets de-stressed

Trager Psychophysical Integration: A gentle therapy to de-stress and rid the subconscious mind of negative patters through rhythmical bodywork.

Transactional Analysis: A method to get in touch with internal parent/adult/child transactions that affect behaviour.

Transformational Therapy: Counselling techniques to encourage consciousness at the global plane.

Transpersonal Counselling: That integration of Eastern and Western psychology regarding the ego.

Vegan: A diet of no animal products of any kind.

Vision Questing: Fasting and praying practice, originating from the Native America regarding prophesy, protection and discovering your life’s purpose.

Yoga: Sanskrit for yoke or union. Eastern philosophical exercises using physical and breathing work.

Weight Loss through Successful Dieting!

The truth?

A diet in which you eat less but healthier foods and exercise more is the best kind.

Ask yourself why do you need to diet? What do you need to change about your diet and how nutritious a diet should it be? Are you eating for comfort or are your taste buds your greatest enemies? Do you punish yourself for weak moments and then give up a healthy plan?

Answer these questions truthfully to yourself before reading on if you want to successfully loose weight.

To loose weight and keep it off, your dieting mind needs to remember:

Eat less, more frequently and much slower. Chew slowly and count every bite's chewing if you have to. Stop after the decided amount and brush your teeth! A fresh mouth seldom craves as badly.

More frequent small meals are essential for a successful diet and weight loss as it keeps your metabolism healthy. Fibre are filling and keeps our sugar levels consistent while veggies, whole grains and fruits, legumes and ‘thin' meats are great food choices that will give energy the right way.

If you exercise and burn more than your intake, you WILL lose weight! When you reach your ultimate weight and want to simply sustain, you need to balance your burn-off with your intake. As simple as that!

Diets worst matches:

"Fast Diets" slow your metabolism down, making it impossible to keep weight off.

Fat can be via the healthiest foods and still add kerb your diet instead of loosing weight. Fat is the diet's worst enemy and appears in cheeses, mayonnaises, crisps, fried foods and pastries, meats and full-cream dairies.

Sugar and diets isn't a good match. When our insulin spikes too fast, it drops afterwards and that feeling is our enemy, for then you are tired and hungry. Tired and hungry often result in binging.

Laziness and idleness often makes us undisciplined. Stay fit, stay busy and stay focused!

Be realistic. Your diet is a mental shift and until your mind becomes your best weight loss buddy, you will find every step torturous.

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